Phase II PHT-6000 Series Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester

Phase II PHT-6000 Series Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester

The UCI hardness test can be used to take hardness measurements on positions difficult to access, such as tooth flanks or roots of gears. The ASTM A1038 hardness test is a superficial determination that is done only for measuring the hardness condition of the surface contacted. Non-destructive ultrasonic hardness tester, based on the principle of ultrasonic contact impedance method , can quickly and without damage to detect the hardness … HRZ-6 intelligent nondestructive ultrasonic hardness tester is a measuring rod by means of ultrasonic sensors to measure the hardness of a high-tech, … These units can test metals as thin as 1mm and at a hardness value as low as 20HRC . The ultrasonic contact impedance probe is purposed to be used for hardness measuring in the case of the testing area minimal thickness , objects of complex surface shape, and for measuring surface hardened layers hardness.

They also excel at performing hardness tests on larger, harder metals as well. Another reason for the rise in popularity is due to the fact that the UCI method is categorized as “Non-Destructive”. That translates into less scrap parts/ lower mfg costs due to necessary inspections. The UCI test procedure is slower than the Dynamic Impact style, however the “UCI” method of hardness testing is portable, easy and accurate. When a mark or indentation on the workpiece must be avoided, however, ultrasonic testing is a great solution. These units can test metals as thin as 2 mm throughout all scales – hard or soft.

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AJR AUH-II ultrasonic hardness tester can make measurement on any shape metal with any size like flat, round, thin or large surfaces. Accurate measurements of steel, cast steel, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper are easily attained with this compact instrument. AJR AUH-II portable ultrasonic hardness tester is a intelligent hardness measuring instrument. Compare with normal hardness testing device, AUH-II portable ultrasonic hardness tester adopt Ultrasonic Contact Impedance technology and Automatic Stabilization and Compensation technology.

Conforming to ASTM E-18 Superficial Rockwell Hardness standards, hardness testers in this category offer excellent repeatability in all superficial Rockwell hardness scales. Superficial Rockwell hardness testing is designed for very thin and soft workpieces. The systems are ideally suited for a wide range of environments, including inspection labs, heat-treat facilities, tool rooms, workshops and laboratories. For more versatility, twin hardness testers are capable of testing in all the regular Rockwell and superficial Rockwell hardness scales. Offering you a complete choice of products which include portable uci hardness tester, portable leeb hardness tester, portable combined hardness tester, uci & leeb hardness tester and rebound hammer. Previously, destructive indentations made on such sample pieces meant the garbage heap for those tested.

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From solvation energy calculations, it can be seen that the BNNTs/amino acid complex dissolution in water is spontaneous. The adsorption energies and quantum molecular descriptors changed in the presence of external EF. Therefore, the study of BNNTs/amino acid complex under influence of external electric field is very important in proposing or designing new drug delivery systems in the presence of external EF. Results indicate that Glu, Lys, Gly and Ser amino acids can be adsorbed considerably on the BNNTs in the existence of external electric field. Single and coupled effects of sterilization and ageing of plasma polymer multilayer coating on polypropylene mesh are studied.

Phase II PHT-6000 ultrasonic hardness tester

The multilayer system consists in silver nanoparticles entrapped between two maleic anhydride plasma polymer layers and acts as a mechano-sensitive antibacterial reservoir. Tensile strength generates cracks within the plasma polymer overlayer which might be used as diffusive channels for Ag+ species. Changes in surface and bulk properties are followed by SEM, TEM, XPS and antibacterial assays. Whilst autoclave treatment influences surface structure unfavorably, electron beam irradiation with dose of 25 kGy does not induce surface physical or topographical changes. However, electron beam sterilization induces changes in chemistry of the surface causing a decrease in O/C elemental concentration ratio.

Availability will be subject to periodic interruption and downtime for server maintenance, software installation or testing, loading new files, and reasons beyond the control of ASTM. The hardness of a material is a defined quantity having many scales and being dependent on the way the test is performed. In order to avoid the creation of a new method involving a new hardness scale, the UCI method converts into common hardness values, for example, HV, HRC, etc. If using ultrasonic contact impedance hardness testing , the operator may have to manually control some or all of the test procedure steps.

Commonly used for HAZ, weld hardness testing of pipes at oil refineries, power plants, oil rig, etc. Leeb probe is used for measuring the hardness of non-ferrous metals, cast iron, materials with coarse-grained structure, solid products, etc. It can be employed from simple manual measurements to fully automated production testing. Additional measuring sensors can be connected to the ultrasonic meter, which vary in their test force, which is applied to measure the hardness. The different sensors measure the hardness of the objects depending on the roughness of their surface. For example, the standard sensor with 20 N measures surfaces with a roughness of less than 5 µm.

Portable UCI Hardness Tester

A high level of preparation is needed for such testing, including but not limited to a high degree of polishing. Find any type of precision measuring tools for humidity, temperature, weight, surface analysis and so much more. SU-300H is a NDT durometer due to the contact indention is too small to observe, it is one of the excellent solution to test hardness of finished products, such as, the mold, gear, shaft, rod, screw, rails, etc.

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